Terms and Conditions


  1. Graduates of 3-year programs (at least 180 ECTS) must complete 10 more courses/60-ECTS at the Bachelor level as scientific preparation, with the following stipulations, regardless of the field of study they apply for Master degree. Candidates will get a CONDITIONAL ACEPTANCE when they sign the document indicating that they accept being successful in preparatory courses as stated below:  
    * Courses to be taken by the applicant must be decided by the programs.
    * Bachelor courses to be taken for scientific preparation must be passed with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 points over 4.00, no N/A or Fs.
  2. If candidates have less than 180 ECTS, they can be admitted as TRANSFER STUDENT for the related undergraduate program. If they graduate from the undergraduate program with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 points over 4.00, then they can apply for the master program.
  3. For the candidates having 240 ECTS, the minimum CGPA for admission into a Master degree at IUS is 2.5 over 4 or 65 over 100 at the Bachelor level.
  4.  Applicants must provide a minimum of two academic reference letters.
  5.  For Clinical Psychology, there is a list of 19 undergraduate courses that the student must have completed. Any applicant who has not completed these courses must take these at IUS prior to starting the Clinical Psychology Program.
  6.  For the VACD program only graduates with a relevant education background (Design and Arts Studies) who submit their Creative Portfolio for Committee Review will be considered for admission into the VACD Master's degree program.
  7. Candidates who do not provide proper applications (such as photographed documents instead of clear scanned copies) will be rejected.
  8. Graduate applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will be reviewed according to the following schedule:

    For the FEBRUARY 2021 intake:

    • Last week of October 2020
    • Last week of November 2020
    • Last week of December 2020
    • Last week of January 2021 -  for those who do not need a visa to enter BiH

    For the OCTOBER 2021 intake:

    • Last week of May 2021
    • Last week of June 2021
    • Last week of July 2021
    • First week of September 2021 -  for those who do not need a visa to enter BiH

    (Please note this is a condensed version that includes information that directly relates to applicants, rather than the full text)


  1. The study contract (including its annexes) is the binding agreement between the university and the student.
  2. Any acceptance at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is conditional because of the Law on Education in Canton Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our programs evaluate each candidate in accordance with the published call for applications, and make a conditional acceptance decision. Once the student arrives in Bosnia-Herzegovina, they make an application through the Student Affairs Office for the recognition of their prior education gained outside Bosnia-Herzegovina. (Part of the enrollment the candidate pays goes to cover this process.) Only after the official recognition of the prior education will the student’s application become final. Thus, potential candidates must validate their high school diploma and other degrees/diplomas through the Bosnian equivalency process under the relevant BH institutions. IUS cannot be held responsible if the Ministry of Education refuses a candidate’s application based on prior education background or lack of solid evidence on the previously acquired education.
  3. Any candidate from a visa regime country must apply for a visa D to enter Bosnian and Herzegovina territory as a student candidate. The University does not have the right under Bosnia and Herzegovina laws and regulations to issue an invitation letter for the visa application. This letter may only be prepared and issued by the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This process takes up to 3 months. You may find more information on the issue via the Ministry website: http://mfa.gov.ba/konzularne_informacije/vize/Default.aspx
  4. IUS charges a flat admission fee, which changes according to the academic year. This is meant to cover expenses related to procedures for recognition of foreign qualification, official translation of documents into Bosnian, obtaining residency permit, medical certificate, or health insurance for students who are required to obtain them, among other expenses related to relocating in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a foreign student. This cost determined each year by the Founder.
  5. The cost of studying is determined each academic year by the Founder.
  6. IUS has the right to set its own criteria for any and all of its programs. These terms are published each year officially in Bosnian and English on the main university website.
  7. The language of instruction and communication at IUS is English. Each candidate must provide proof of English language proficiency before starting faculty courses. IUS accepts the following international test results: 

    IELTS Academic – 6 over 9
    TOEFL iBT – 79 over 120 for international students

    IUS also holds its own English Proficiency Exam. Students without valid IELTS or TOEFL scores may sit for this exam instead once they arrive in Sarajevo. The Proficiency Exam is given 6 times a year, so interested candidates must check the relevant exam date to make sure not to miss it. The academic calendar is available on the IUS website, and is updated annually.  

    Additionally, applicants accepted to IUS without the required level of language proficiency may study at the English Language School. The school program comprises 4 levels, and the student is placed in one of these based on their Placement Test Score. A full year at the English Language School is 4,000 Euro, although it may be shorter or longer depending on the student’s level at admission and their academic success during their ELS studies. Students only pay for the period they study. 

  8. IUS accepts students on a competitive basis, in addition to offering scholarships to potential candidates on merit, academic or otherwise, at its sole discretion. IUS scholarships are tuition waivers, and do not as a rule cover any other study or living related expenses.
  9. Students who start with no scholarship may earn tuition discounts or waivers based on their academic success after the first year.  
  10. The cost of accommodation, food, travel or any others during the study period at IUS is excluded from the cost of education (also known as the tuition fee) and must be covered individually by the student regardless of any scholarship offered to the student. Any scholarship offered by IUS refers to a waiver of some portion of the tuition fee.
  11. The tuition fee does not cover the following expenses incurred throughout the study period at IUS: books, textbooks, lecture notes, book loans, stationery, summer school fees, attending other courses or educational activities upon the completion of which particular certificates of attendance are issued and which do not make part of regular learning activities (including but not limited to TOEFL, SAT courses, entry exams, lifelong learning programs for self-development, and similar), trips or excursions arranged by IUS or its corollaries, or third parties.
  12. Tuition fee also does not cover any expenses related to procedures for recognition of foreign qualification, obtaining residency permit, medical certificate, or health insurance for students who are required to obtain them. The aforementioned admission fee is intended to cover such costs.
  13. IUS only issues a letter of acceptance and letter of guarantee after the non-reimbursable payment of the tuition fee, after initial acceptance once the candidate completes his/her application and the relevant Admission Committee approves his/her application.   
  14. Students must start their residency permit process in the first week of their arrival in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and must follow all the legal procedures as well as verbal and written instructions of the IUS personnel responsible for following the paperwork. Students who through their own neglect do not complete their residence permit process within the first 75 days of arrival in Bosnia-Herzegovina each academic year are not allowed to sit for Final Examinations, and lose any credits accrued that semester.
  15. Cancellation policy for foreign nationals: If a foreign Student submits a complete application for visa to study in Bosnia and Herzegovina and his/her visa application is rejected, or if he/she fails to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina for any other reason, IUS will refund the tuition fees paid by the student, excluding any bank charges, admission fee and cancellation fee stipulated in previous articles. 
  16. A foreign student who entered Bosnia and Herzegovina based on IUS guarantee or obtained student status via IUS authorized agent, and who upon arrival to Bosnia and Herzegovina submits a request for cancellation of their contract, is not entitled to any refund of the tuition fees amount regardless of the time when he/she has submitted the cancellation requests.
  17. In case IUS does not enable Student to enroll into the first year of their cycle of studies due to force majeure or other extraordinary circumstances, IUS is obligated to notify the student of that fact and to refund full amount of tuition fees paid to IUS, excluding any bank charges, admission fee and tuition fee for actual time of study spent at IUS.
  18. Refunds for foreign students who received their visas/residency permits based on IUS guaranties will be processed to their accounts in their home countries after the expiry of the period that IUS guarantees.
  19. In case the student is expelled from IUS indefinitely or for certain time period due to breach of student obligations or a foreign student is deported from Bosnia and Herzegovina by a competent local authority, IUS will not refund any fees to the student.
  20. In case of cancelation of their contract by a student to whom IUS had issued the guarantee letter for the purpose of issuing visa D or residency permit, IUS will apply to the relevant authorities of Bosnia-Herzegovina for the annulment of the visa D or residency permit issued to the student.