1. Is International University of Sarajevo (IUS) recognized as higher education institution?"

Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton officially approved the work of IUS in 2004. International University of Sarajevo was entered in registry of accredited higher education institutions with the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey also officially admitted IUS in its Catalog for entrance of examinations for higher education institutions (YÖK ÖSS).

2. What is the international status of the IUS?

International University of Sarajevo became an associate member of the European University Association (European University Association) in 2014. The EUA represents and supports higher education institutions in 46 countries and plays a crucial role in the formation of the European system of higher education and research. This is the biggest university organization of higher education institutions that are part of the European Union. IUS is also a member of the International University Association (International Association of Universities). International University Association was founded by UNESCO in 1950. Universities from 120 different countries are members of this prestigious Association. The NGO European Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina awarded IUS prestigious "European University and employer of the year" award in the category of the Western Balkans for 2014.

3. Mobility of students?

Student mobility is enabled within ERASMUS and Mevlana exchange programs and students can participate in exchanges with other higher education institutions. International University of Sarajevo has signed many agreements with different universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, the United States, Australia, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland and other countries. Agreements on cooperation also allow greater student mobility. IUS is implementing a European system for transferring credits (European Credit Transfer System - ECTS) which facilitates the mobility of students who come to IUS as exchange students from another university or go from IUS in order to continue their education in other countries.

4. What is the model of education at the IUS?

The curriculum at the International University of Sarajevo for freshman students/first year students is of general character and includes university courses common to all study groups. IUS enables flexible selection of electives as well as student transfer from faculty to faculty or program to program. In accordance with the 4 + 1 + 3 educational model at IUS, undergraduate education lasts 4 years followed 1 year master studies and 3 years doctoral studies at least. The concept of teaching is organized using the interdisciplinary method and system of continuous assessment. We are proud of the environment in which every student has the opportunity to choose their orientation and the possibility of developing appropriate communication skills, teamwork and leadership ambitions.

5. What scholarship opportunities are given to students at the IUS?

Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria: 
  • The best candidates who pass the entrance exam in mathematics and general knowledge,
  • On merit assessment during the application process, for international applicants
Scholarships awarded by the International University of Sarajevo range from 10% - 100%. They cover the cost of tuition or a partial amount. The goal of awarding this type of scholarship is to stimulate students and promote knowledge and skills of young people.

6. In what language are studies conducted at the IUS?

All classes at IUS are conducted in English. Students without sufficient knowledge of the language will attend an intensive language program at the IUS English Language School (ELS).

7. From which countries students come to study at the IUS?

Students come from the following countries: Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Libya, Palestine, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, Kuwait, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Lebanon, Sudan, Indonesia, Egypt Jordan, Brunei, Ireland, Sweden, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Fiji, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Canada, Malaysia, Chad, Mauritania, Trinidad and Tobago, Burkina Faso, Uganda Brazil, Morocco, Kenya.

8. Does IUS offer accommodation for its students? Is there a canteen at the IUS?

Yes, IUS offers accommodation for its students in two dormitories (male and female). Within the dorm double and five-bed rooms are available. At the IUS campus there are two cafeterias and a big restaurant that serves students a variety of dishes at an affordable price exist. Near the campus there are also other restaurant and Cafe where food can be ordered at reasonable prices.

9. What are the security measures applied at IUS?

IUS Campus is fenced and provides security protection under physical and video surveillance 24 hours.

10. Can IUS students engage in sports activities?

Special attention is devoted to sports facilities which are part of the IUS. Following indoor sports facilities are available: sports hall for basketball, volleyball, soccer, space for table tennis, taekwondo and Jujitsu and fitness center for women and men. Fitness, Taekwondo and other martial arts training sessions are held with the help of professional instructors and student athletes. Sports activities at IUS are important because of the psycho-physical development of our students. Some of our students participated in regional and international competitions that enriched their international experience, and brought affirmation to IUS as well. Within the framework of the Campus of IUS, there is also outdoor sports field for soccer.

11. What is the easiest way to get to the IUS?

IUS Campus is located 5 km from the Sarajevo airport. The Campus can be reached by tram which runs between Baščaršija and Ilidža. From the Ilidža tram station, the Campus can be reached on foot in 10 minutes, or 5 minutes by bus that runs between Ilidža and Hrasnica, or Ilidža and Sokolović kolonija. Taxi service is often available at the entrance of the IUS Campus and the service is quite affordable.

12. How can I get information about enrolling at the IUS?

All specific issues related to enrollment can be sent to the Student Affairs Office by calling 033 957-175 or by sending an email to: ehadzibegovic@ius.edu.ba

More information about the IUS can be found at our website www.ius.edu.ba or by calling 033 957 100. You can also visit our Campus in Ilidža, Sarajevo, Hrasnička cesta 15.